Fire Alarm Certificate

RJ Lewis Electrical are able to undertake Fire Alarm Installations, as well as Testing and commissioning at a wide range of industrial and commercial sites within Northampton, and the surrounding areas.

Fire Alarms are a vital part of any building, as recently there are more and more cases of buildings catching fire, and the damage being a lot worse because an appropriate fire alarm system was not installed. Excessive costs can be avoided by thinking ahead and installing an Alarm. They can even be linked to the Fire Brigade, so should the alarms sound out of hours, they will be acted on.

Having a properly tested and maintained fire alarm system can save money on Building insurance, also the Fire Brigade are now doing spot checks on Buildings, and can order the system to be updated if they deem it.

We have installed fire alarms in a wide range of installations, including Factories, Care Homes and Office Blocks, so are well suited to serve any needs you may have.

Apart from installation, regular testing of a Fire alarm System is a must, as with all components they deteriorate with age, and just because a fire alarm system is in place does not guarantee it’s in a good working condition. At RJ Lewis Electrical we recommend a full fire alarm test and inspection to ensure that the system is up to the job.

At RJ Lewis Electrical we carry out all our testing works to the highest standards, we don’t take ‘short cuts’ in the testing or installation procedures.

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