Part P

Formal qualifications for electricians are now vital. The introduction of the Building Regulation ‘Part P’ and the associated self registration schemes all require electricians to hold these formal City and Guilds qualifications.
The electricians at RJ Lewis Electrical are ‘Part P’ Qualified and can deal with any electrical matters that you may have.

What is Part P?

Part P was introduced in January 2005, it is a part of the building regulations series. Part P covers electrical installations and the requirements as set out within Part P. It is enforceable in the same way as any of the other building regulations and the body who police it, at local level, is your building control office.

So what stops you just wiring your own electrics? Nothing does until you come to sell your property. You could phone your building control office before you start your rewire and inform them of your intent and request building control to visit and they will. Visits can range from £350 upwards and a Part P qualified electrician will need to be present to certify the work anyway. It is not a guarantee that your work will pass this inspection without an electrician’s help.

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