Commercial Consumer Units

The consumer unit is the nerve centre of your business. A properties electrical system is managed, distributed and protected by its fuse box. In order for your business’s electrical supply to be safe and work efficiently, it is essential that it is checked and replaced if needed.  It is also vital that your earthing and bonding meet the required standards.

Earthing is a means of protecting against electric shock, and if a fault does occur, you can be sure that you and your electrical equipment remain safe.

RJ Lewis Electrical recognise the importance of keeping homeowners safe and will upgrade the fuse board, earthing and bonding within your home, provide you with honest advice and ensure your house is protected for decades to come.

Get in touch for:

  1. Upgrading consumer units
  2. Mains Bonding
  3. Earthing your property
  4. Fuse board repairs
  5. Re-wiring
  6. Pre-work inspection and advice

RJ Lewis Electrical will always carry out all fuse board and earthing work with the best materials and to the highest of standards of quality and safety.

Please contact us today if you would like a free quote and any more information on our Commercial work.